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3 Problems with the Traditional Church Bulletin (+ 1 Solution that Solves them All)
25 Jul

3 Problems with the Traditional Church Bulletin (+ 1 Solution that Solves them All)

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The church bulletin has been a classic resource in the church communication toolbox for decades. And it’s not likely that it will go away any time soon.

In 2014, Thom Rainer did a study on church bulletin practices, and he found that most churches still use some form of church bulletin on Sundays. Even more interesting, he found that most church visitors expect to be given something when they visit a church.

So the church bulletin really can be an essential part of your church communication.

Think about it this way. Every week, you have the opportunity to put something into the hands of every person who walks into your church.

That’s an incredible opportunity! But of course, that’s only true if people read it.

And if you’re going to upgrade your bulletin for a new generation, you will have to address some very common problems.

3 Problems with the Church Bulletin

Information Overload

Let’s begin with the obvious. You’re not going to be able to put everything in your bulletin.

But that doesn’t stop some churches from trying.

Too often, the church bulletin becomes the junk drawer of church communication. Everything just gets thrown in, and no one wants to sort through the mess. So it just sits there week after week. Something new may get added every once in a while. But the reality is that no one ever looks forward to opening it.

And to be fair, there is a lot of information that seems like it should go in a church bulletin:

  •  Order of Service
  • Announcements
  • Sermon Notes
  • Church Contact Information
  • Info on Church Ministries
  • Welcome Message from the Pastor
  • Giving and Attendance Information
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Social Media Links
  • Mission Statement

The list goes on and on.

The problem is that if you to try to say everything, you’re not going to say any of it well.

If you don’t have clear guidelines for what goes into your bulletin, you are almost certainly cramming your bulletin full of too much information.

Time-Consuming Preparation

The church work week is a whirlwind of meetings and tasks. And it’s all punctuated by a weekly worship gathering that comes every Sunday.

This is the reality for everyone who serves the church. Sunday is always coming. And along with the usual weekly tasks, there are also counseling appointments, hospital visits, and maintenance issues.

For pastors and ministry leaders, time is a very precious commodity. And it’s amazing how quickly it can be taken up with small and seemingly insignificant tasks.

You can’t completely avoid tasks like editing, preparing, and printing bulletins.

But if you’re not careful, your work week will get bogged down with tasks that pull you away from serving, leading, and loving people.

You want to be efficient with the things that have to be done, so that you can put focused time and attention on the things that are even more important.

Outdated Design

If people aren’t reading your church bulletin, there’s not much point in printing it and handing it out each week.

Unfortunately, many churches are still using clipart and design templates that are decades old. Maybe some the older church members don’t notice it anymore. But most of them do. And the visitors most certainly do.

The average church visitor or member sees dozens of full-color advertisements each week. They come in in the mail. They get stuck on the front door. They get handed out in front of the grocery store.

So whether you like it or not, your visitors and regular attenders have certain expectations for what you’re handing out at your church.

Thom Rainer took a survey of church members and asked one simple question: “What do you want in a church bulletin?” There was only one unanimous response from the respondents: quality.

Your people see your bulletin as a reflection on your church. Outdated designs, cheesy clipart, clashing colors - all of these things affect the quality of your bulletin.

If you want people to take your bulletin seriously, you simply can’t afford to cut corners on quality design and printing.

Introducing the Pro Bulletin

Those are just a few of the problems with the traditional church bulletin. And that’s why we created Pro Bulletins.

These new bulletin templates at ProChurch are the perfect solution for churches that are looking to upgrade their church bulletin and maximize this church communication tool.

8 Customizable Templates

We have created 8 fully-customizable bulletin templates. These high-impact, professional designs are going to grab and keep the attention of your church members and visitors.

And with our online editor, you’ll be able to choose the design that’s the best fit for your church and customize almost everything about the design.

This is the kind of church bulletin that people will want to read and that people will remember. This is the kind of bulletin that people will take home.

All the Essentials

Every Pro Bulletin template comes with these standard content sections:

-Welcome Message
-Order of Service
-Upcoming Events
-Stats or Announcements
-Connection Card
-Place for Sermon Notes
-Contact Information

The Pro Bulletin designs keep this key information organized in an attractive way. No more crowded clipart or overwhelming text. The designs are clean and fresh, and the result is information that stands out.

Special Perforated Design

In addition to great looking designs, Pro Bulletins also come with a special perforated design feature that allows them to serve two purposes.

The top half (with the order of service and welcome message on the front) has the connection card on the back. The bottom half (with the upcoming events and announcements) has a place for sermon notes on the back.

So your church members, regular attenders, and visitors can easily put the top portion in an offering plate or collection box and keep the bottom portion to take home.

This means that the take-home portion of the bulletin actually works like a mini event reminder. It highlights those upcoming events and keeps them top-of-mind for your church family.

Weekly or Monthly Printing Options

Many churches struggle with the question of how many bulletins to print each week.

With Pro Bulletins, you are given the option to print weekly bulletins or monthly bulletins. The weekly option allows you to customize the order of service and announcements for each weekly service. With the monthly option, you’ll be able to collect unused bulletins and re-use them in future weeks.

And with the guaranteed delivery date feature on the new ProChurch website, you can be sure you’ll have your bulletins when you need them.


So if you’re looking to upgrade your church bulletin and increase your ability to communicate to your church, check out the Pro Bulletins from ProChurch.

Choose a design style, edit with your church info, and place your order.

Don’t underestimate your church bulletin. It’s a powerful tool for communicating with your church.

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