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Don’t Forget the Gospel: 3 Surprising Conversion Stories that Remind Us why the Gospel is Good News

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The gospel is good news! As Christians, we cannot afford to forget this. It’s true that the gospel starts with bad news. We are all sinners, separated from God and deserving of judgment. But we only start with the bad news because it sets the stage for the good news. We cannot afford to be confused about why the gospel is good news.

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Everyday Evangelism: How God Uses your Work and your Home as Platforms for Gospel Witness

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There is a lot that we can learn from Paul’s life and ministry, but sometimes, it’s a little difficult for us to relate to Paul. Most of us are not traveling hundreds of miles on missionary journeys. Most of us are not spending the majority of our week starting church and telling people about Christ. We live in one place. We have jobs. We have families. We have bills to pay, cars to maintain, and yards to mow. We have family and work obligations. So what does Paul have to teach us about everyday evangelism? What does he have to teach about living normal life on mission? That’s a great question. And Acts 18 gives us the answer.

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Faithful Gospel Witness is Difficult: Here are 3 Steps to Take in Seasons of Discouragement

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God has given us the mission of reaching the world with the gospel. But this mission is not without its disappointments. At times, you will get discouraged. Maybe because you poured your heart out to someone who refused to listen. Or maybe because you were so caught up with yourself that you didn’t even see them. If you’ve ever felt this discouragement in the task of evangelism, you are not alone. Even the Apostle Paul went through low points like this. So what happens when Paul reaches his low point? God meets him there. This is what God does. For all of us. He meets us at our lowest points and gives us exactly what we need. Listen closely to God’s encouragement to Paul. It may just be the encouragement you need to hear.

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7 Evangelistic Strategies and Principles from the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts

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The book of Acts give us the history of the early church. But it’s more specific than that. It gives us the history of the mission of the early church. Luke is primarily interested in showing us the spread of Christianity. He wants us to see the power of the gospel unleashed to change lives, families, and cities. What is our mission? And how do we accomplish it? These are the questions that the book of Acts helps us answer. Here are 7 key strategies and principles on engaging your people in the mission of the church.

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