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Storyline: 12 Plot Points in the Story of the Bible and How they Help Us Evangelize a Post-Christian Culture

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There was a time when many people had read the Bible enough to know how it was put together. This was even true of atheists. In his book “The God Who is There”, D.A. Carson calls them “Christian atheists”. In other words, the God they disbelieved in was the God of the Bible. But today, there are a rising number of people who have no idea how the Bible works at all. The stories in the Bible are not randomly selected. They’re not like the disconnected stories on the evening news or the product of a iPod on shuffle mode. The books of the Bible are much more like movements of one great symphony. The Bible is not a random collection of stories. It is the record of the one great story. It is the story that explains all other stories. It is the story of God and His plan to restore a relationship with mankind.

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Repeat the Sounding Joy: 2 Lessons from the First Christmas Song

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The Christmas story is not just a personal belief. It’s historical reality. It’s not just a personal perspective. It’s a public announcement that the King has come. Jesus is Lord of all, that that truth radically changes every area of life. We see this from the very beginning of the Christmas story. One of the very first announcements of this good news was given by angels to a group of shepherds in a field, not to a group of Rabbis praying in a temple. And after delivering this announcement, these angels performed the very first public performance of a Christmas carol.

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God’s Will for your Life: A Short Primer on Biblical Decision-Making

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If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you’ve heard people talk about the will of God. Maybe you’ve heard people talk about “finding God’s will for your life” or “missing God’s will for your life”. Or maybe you’ve heard people talk about “being in the center of God’s will”. We’ve been told since as far back as we have been Christians that God loves us and has a special plan for our lives. But is that true? And if it is, why does it seem so hard to figure it out? We are buried under an avalanche of choices, and if we’re honest, it kind of feels like finding God’s will is like finding your way through a maze or figuring out a complicated puzzle. How do we find God’s will for our lives? The answer is actually much simpler than you might think. Here are 6 key principles to help you (and others) make decisions that are in line with God’s will.

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Merry Christmas: 4 Ways to Live Out the Message of Christmas in your Community

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Because of Christ, we can say the word “Merry Christmas” and really mean them. But as Christians, we can go beyond just saying the words. We can live them out. We can show the love of Christ with our lives. Since we have been transformed by Christ’s love, we are called to share His love and hope with others. Instead of just saying “Merry Christmas,” we can show them the reason we rejoice, even in the midst of brokenness. There’s no better time for your church to reflect the love of God to your community than Christmas. Here are four ways to put the message of Christmas on display during this season.

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The Surprising History of Christian Tracts

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Tracts have a long and diverse history, being in use since before the printing press to spread ideas — usually controversial, usually religious or political. Since ancient times, God has communicated to humanity through writing; and similarly, Christians have used tracts to communicate truth for centuries.

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