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Church Alive: 4 Vital Signs of a Church on Mission

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What come to your mind when you hear the word church? I’m not sure what images come to mind, but I’m sure it’s much different than how they understood that word in the first century. When it began, the church was essentially a movement. It was a movement built around one conviction: that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the entire world, the only way that sinners can be reconciled to their Creator, and the rightful King of every last inch of the universe. By definition, movements should be moving. And healthy churches will be moving with the message they have been entrusted with.

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6 Tips for Improving the Visitor Experience at your Church

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Your church probably plans some special events that are specifically designed to reach their communities. You try to equip your church family to live intentionally in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. You pray and work tirelessly to reach the people that God has called you to engage with the gospel. And then it happens. A visitor walks through the front doors of your church for the first time. This is exactly what you have been working and praying for. And they’re here. Ultimately, you want every visitor to experience the life-transforming power of the gospel, but initially, your goal is much more practical. You just want them to feel welcome. Here are 6 simple tips to help you do that.

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On Planning and Leading Corporate Worship: A Guide for Pastors and Worship Leaders

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Building a theology of corporate worship is challenging, because it requires us to exercise a great amount of humility and diligence in our study of Scriptures. If we want to avoid the pitfalls of stuffy traditionalism and trendy relevance, we need a rich grasp of what the Scriptures teach about worship and how God’s people worship together. Although there is no single passage in the Bible that gives us an outline for planning corporate worship, there are principles, examples, and instructions that give us everything we need to develop a biblical philosophy of worship and to engage God’s people in worship.

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Don’t Forget the Gospel: 3 Surprising Conversion Stories that Remind Us why the Gospel is Good News

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The gospel is good news! As Christians, we cannot afford to forget this. It’s true that the gospel starts with bad news. We are all sinners, separated from God and deserving of judgment. But we only start with the bad news because it sets the stage for the good news. We cannot afford to be confused about why the gospel is good news.

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How to Layout an Effective Church Direct Mailer (EDDM): A Complete, Step-by-Step Guide for Churches

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Many churches are using direct mail strategies to reach out in their communities. Maybe you’ve also considered this option for your church, but you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the process. This post is going to give you a step-by-step guide for setting up a direct mail campaign at your church.

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