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Gospel Tracts are Just a Starting Point: 12 Books to Deepen your Grasp of the Gospel

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When people first come to faith in Christ, they need to understand the basic gospel truths about who Jesus is and what He came to do. And they need to respond to those truths with repentance and faith. But they don’t need to understand everything the Bible says. That understanding comes over time, as they grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures. And as they grow, they don’t need to go back and question their faith at the beginning. God is simply opening their eyes to see more of the wonder of His plan of redemption. They’re building on that faith, not replacing it. They’re like the little child who learns for the first time about the wiring in the wall. This new information doesn’t take away from the experience of flipping that light switch. It adds to it.

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Gospel Tracts in the Hands of your Church Family: Two Marks of a Faithful Messenger

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When it comes to your church gospel tracts, content is key. Above all else, you want to make sure that your tracts clearly present the gospel. But that’s just the starting point. Next, you have to think about what might distract from that message. That’s why the design of your gospel tracts matters. If the design is outdated or cluttered, it will distract from the message. Design matters because bad design distracts from the good news. But there is something else that is even more likely to distract from the message. And that’s the messengers.

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Gospel Tracts and the Heart: Two Steps to Creating a Culture of Evangelism in your Church

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Is evangelism really going out of style? Theologically, you know the right answer. But practically, maybe you're not so sure. For many Christians, evangelism is simply not a priority. So what's the answer? Do we resign ourselves to churches where people are silent about their faith? Do we allow our churches to become stagnant? Do we create new programs or activities to keep us distracted from the problem? Of course not. That's why you're here.

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Gospel Tracts: Road Maps for Gospel Conversations

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Gospel tracts are like a road map for gospel conversations. They're pocket-sized guides for Christians who want to share their faith. And it's important to have a guide for that journey. Because talking to people about your faith can be difficult.

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Put your Gospel Tracts to Work: 5 Things they Need to Do their Job Effectively

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Your church gospel tracts are asked to do a lot. They carry the gospel message to people who have never heard it. They introduce people to your ministry. They provide information on how to connect with your church. They give your church family a road map for gospel conversations with their friends, family, and neighbors. They are left on front doors, given out at grocery stores, and sent out in letters. But are they working?

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