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Gospel Tracts: Road Maps for Gospel Conversations

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 72

Gospel tracts are like a road map for gospel conversations. They're pocket-sized guides for Christians who want to share their faith. And it's important to have a guide for that journey. Because talking to people about your faith can be difficult.

Put your Gospel Tracts to Work: 5 Things they Need to Do their Job Effectively

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 53

Your church gospel tracts are asked to do a lot. They carry the gospel message to people who have never heard it. They introduce people to your ministry. They provide information on how to connect with your church. They give your church family a road map for gospel conversations with their friends, family, and neighbors. They are left on front doors, given out at grocery stores, and sent out in letters. But are they working?

As you Go, Take Gospel Tracts with You

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 86

We need to be aware of the dangers that lurk in our church calendars. Sometimes, they can feed the lie that we can fit our Christian responsibilities into tidy little boxes that never interfere with the other parts of our personal lives. The Great Commission is not a call to attend a weekly evangelism event. It’s a call to live out God’s mission each and every day.

How to Use Gospel Tracts to Equip your Church for Evangelism

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 183

Every Christian is called to be a witness for Christ. As a pastor or church leader, you are called to equip your church to fulfill the Great Commission. Your task is to mobilize every believer in your church to be a witness for Jesus Christ. But the statistics show that a growing number of Christians are simply not living with that mission in view.

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