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How to Update your Church Logo: A 10-Point Guide to Walk you through the Creative Process

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Most pastors and church leaders don’t think in terms of “branding” or “marketing”. They’re understandably suspicious of methodology that tells you to run your church like a business. They worry that their appeals to the community will start to sound like sales pitches. And realistically, they understand that they will never be able to compete with the the newest strategies and technologies of Hollywood or the marketing industry. Those are legitimate concerns. But the hard reality is that you don’t get to decide whether or not your church has a brand. It already does.

Truth and Love: The 2 Essential Marks of Christian Communication

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In the U.S., people send somewhere around 26 billion texts every day. And even without access to our cell phones, the average speaks about 16,000 words a day. We don’t often think carefully about our words, but we should. Because our faith informs our speech, just as it does our entertainment, work, relationships, and choices. So what are the marks of Christian communication? There are at least two essential ones: truth and love.

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